Shareholder Benefits and Engagement Opportunities

By owning shares of stock, you support the conservation mission of the Piseco Company, which has been a core part of the Company’s focus since it was founded in 1892. This is a remarkable organization sustained by generations who have been drawn by the natural beauty of the Inn’s setting, the friendly family atmosphere, and the peaceful retreat and outdoor recreation offered by hiking, boating, swimming, skiing, and snowshoeing in the woods, streams, and lakes of the Adirondacks.


As a shareholder, you enjoy special and seasonal 25% discounts including:


  • Shareholders’ meeting weekend in June (Friday/Saturday): 25% off your stay at the Inn. The Inn will be open to shareholders only.
  • Fall season (August 31-October 31): 25% off your mid-week stay at the Inn (Sunday-Thursday nights).
  • Winter season (November 1-April 30): 25% off your stay at the Inn any nights the inn is open.


  • Fall/Winter season (August 31-April 30): 25% off any stay of 3 nights or more in the cabins, when open.


  • 25% off west shore campsites, always, when open.


  • 25% off site rental for weddings and other events involving special use of the Inn property.

Whether you are local or staying at the Inn, as a Shareholder you can always:

  • Use the beach, subject to guest policy.
  • Rent boats, as available.
  • Launch personal non-motorized boats (i.e., kayaks and canoes) for day use.

As we gain experience with this new program, new benefits will be added, and some existing ones removed so that we can offer the most value to our shareholders going forward.

Benefits apply to shareholders only. The shareholder must make the reservation and be in attendance.

For your children, grandchildren, other family and friends: a share of stock makes an excellent gift for a wedding or other special life event.

Shares are available for $2000.00

Please contact Innkeeper Jen Scanlon at 518-548-5500 or [email protected] for more information.

Opportunities for Shareholder Engagement

The Piseco Company is overseen by a volunteer board whose job is to work with you to ensure the viability of the company and its Inn for generations to come. Much of the camaraderie that has
sustained the Inn over the years comes from the active engagement of its shareholders.

  • Please visit the Inn regularly and encourage your family and friends to do so as well. With the campsites, cabins, and beautifully renovated Inn, there are accommodations to suit every
    family’s budget. The Inn is perfect for family reunions and weddings or just a relaxed weekend away.
  • Please attend the annual shareholders’ meeting held in early summer at the Inn and on Zoom. Inform yourself about, participate in the discussions on, and vote on the important issues that
    come before the company.
  • Submit your proxy/ballot for the annual shareholders’ meeting, whether you plan to attend the meeting or not. Your voice matters—and we need a quorum to conduct business.
  • Volunteer for special projects—and enjoy seeing your handiwork enhance the Inn and give pleasure to others.

Want to be more involved?

Please get in touch with Piseco Company Secretary Beth Bergmann Loizeaux at [email protected]